Thinking “Both” not “Either/Or”

choose to have both

Anyone who has been on this journey for any length of time knows that how you think is crucial to your experience. 

However, recently, I realized that it was more than thinking positive or managing my self-talk. It was also about how I approached things in my life.

Life is not a zero sum game.

This means that just because I gain something doesn’t mean someone else has to lose it. The phrase “win/win” is overused, sure, but it’s valid. We need to seek out ways to make every encounter we have a win for both sides. 

There is no either/or. If you go through life thinking in either/or terms, you will never get where you want to be. And if you do, you will be wracked with guilt for it because you’ll wonder who is suffering as a result. 

Change your point of view. 

Think “Both.”

In my network marketing business, for instance, I don’t think about my commission and feel bad that the person is paying it. Rather, I look at what they are getting in exchange. We are both getting value. I’m gaining a commission and a valuable downline member. They are gaining access to a great suite of products and services as well as an opportunity to earn a generous income. And those benefits just scratch the surface. 

If you are in network marketing, you already know that you are supposed to think in terms of how you can help your prospect. Realize that it’s okay to think about yourself, as well. And to see how helping them helps you, which helps your upline and, eventually, the prospect’s downline. working together for mutual benefit

Going into any transaction with a “both” mentality is setting you and the other person up for success –regardless of the outcome. 

And this goes way beyond business. It applies to parenting, relationships, work…pretty much every interaction in life. 

Spend today looking for small ways in which you and the people you interact with can walk away from the encounter with a win. Focus on a “both” outcome, not an “either/or.” The world is a big place. There’s enough for all of us if we just take the time to see it.


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