Success in the Middle of Nowhere

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Wow. What a week it has been. 

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the weather around the southern United States, you likely heard about Tropical Storm Cindy. I also mentioned her on my Facebook page. Well, she gave us a good lashing. My poor front yard is a lake right now. And we are still getting showers from time to time.

The kicker is that we live out in the middle of nowhere. That means when the weather is bad, so is our internet service. That’s why I’ve been so quiet.

I’m not complaining. Living out here has so many benefits. 

  • We grow a lot of our own food. Cucumbers, tomatoes, peas, beans, corn, you name it. Even had some huge zucchini this year!
  • It’s quiet. Since we are on sixty acres, and there is a big farm across the gravel road from us, we don’t have noisy neighbors or traffic to worry about. 
  • Lots of wildlife to watch. Just yesterday, my husband and I saw a gorgeous deer when we went on our daily walk. We also have bobcats, possums, raccoons, squirrels, snakes…all the critters. 
  • Life moves a bit slower. Since it’s so quiet and there isn’t much going on, we move at a bit slower pace out here. Less stress. More sun and fresh air. 

It also has its disadvantages.

Unfortunately, it means we have to drive to everywhere. The nearest town is six miles away. And that has presented some challenges in my network marketing efforts. At least until recently. 

I’m not fond of chasing after people. Not for love or money. I’d rather have folks come to me with the desire to connect already there. I’d rather that they don’t feel pressured or hassled. No amount of money is worth alienating friends and family. Ever. 

But, for all that, we do have bills to pay. And debt to eliminate. So, I had to find a way to draw people to us. To our opportunity to save and make money. To build something that could offer them the same kind of freedom we are seeking.

Thank goodness for the internet. And for things like the Free 10-Day Attraction Marketing Bootcamp that teaches people like me how to start using the internet like a giant business magnet. No more cold calls. No more bugging people. No more outdated techniques for building business. Just simple, time-tested methods that let me stay home, work the garden and build my business.

Would you like something that does the same for you?


No matter where you are, you can succeed by getting prospects to come to you. It's easier than you think.


When you are deep in debt and live in the middle of nowhere, it can seem like there's no hope. Yet, network marketing has offered us an opportunity to build and grow something that can help us achieve total freedom: time and financial. My name is Mary. My husband and I are in over six figures of debt. But we have a goal, a plan and a vehicle to get us there. Follow our rural network marketing journey as we walk the path to freedom.