One Guarantee of Success

never stop learning and growing

“Results not typical”
“Your mileage may vary”
“We can’t guarantee results”

We get that a lot in the business world. In fact, you get phrases like these a lot in life. What if I told you that I could absolutely guarantee that you will succeed? Because I can.
How can I make such a bold claim? Well, for one, I am not defining that success. That’s your job.
What does success look like to you?

  • How does it make you feel?
  • Where does it take you?
  • How will you know when you get there?

Those are all criteria only you can set.
I have a friend for whom success is having enough to get through the month. He has no further ambition. He lives in modest apartments, sometimes has a vehicle, but mostly not. Rarely travels or makes any big purchases. But he’s happy with his modest, simply lifestyle. His stress levels are enviable.
For me, however, success looks completely different.
It includes enough money to pay off our debts and keep my husband out of the oilfield forever. It means being able to take care of our aging parents without worry and help my chronically ill sister and her daughter. It means a nice home with room for guests and dependable vehicles for hauling livestock or taking road trips.

Do you see how success can look very different for each person?

So, first, define success, then I will give you the one tip that will absolutely guarantee that you will, in time, succeed.
Got your definition?
Ok. Here’s the tip.

Never, ever stop learning and growing.

Feel disappointed? Don’t.
This fundamental tip, this truth, is the key to having everything you want in life.succeed online
I know it’s not sexy.
And it’s not done for you.
And it means a good deal of work.
But, how much more will you value your success if you work for it?
How much more will you become the person you know you can be if you work for it?

This doesn’t mean that you slave away on your own without help, trying to figure it all out.

Learning and growing means:

  • Seeking out mentors.
  • Finding tools to help you along the way.
  • Investing in yourself, then in your business, art, hobby or other vehicle for reaching your goals.
  • Surrounding yourself with others on this same journey.

One thing I enjoy is sharing the tools and learning platforms that have helped me. The ones I am using that are working. One of those is Attraction Marketing Formula. It’s the first of a powerful collection of programs I am part of that is teaching me how to make myself and my business successful. If you’re interested in learning more about this program, you can sign up for the 10-Day Bootcamp at no charge. No risk.​


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When you are deep in debt and live in the middle of nowhere, it can seem like there's no hope. Yet, network marketing has offered us an opportunity to build and grow something that can help us achieve total freedom: time and financial. My name is Mary. My husband and I are in over six figures of debt. But we have a goal, a plan and a vehicle to get us there. Follow our rural network marketing journey as we walk the path to freedom.