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Thinking “Both” not “Either/Or”

choose to have both

Anyone who has been on this journey for any length of time knows that how you think is crucial to your experience.  However, recently, I realized that it was more than thinking positive or managing my self-talk. It was also about how I approached things in my life. Life is not a zero sum game. […]

One Guarantee of Success

never stop learning and growing

“Results not typical” “Your mileage may vary” “We can’t guarantee results” We get that a lot in the business world. In fact, you get phrases like these a lot in life. What if I told you that I could absolutely guarantee that you will succeed? Because I can. How can I make such a bold […]

Finding Our Way Out

buried in debt

So, my husband and I have six figures in debt. That’s a scary place to be. And a place we don’t plan to stay. So, we recently began looking for new opportunities. New answers to our old questions. How can we get out of debt? How can we increase our income without working ourselves into an […]