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Success in the Middle of Nowhere

succeed from any location location independent business

Wow. What a week it has been.  If you’ve been keeping an eye on the weather around the southern United States, you likely heard about Tropical Storm Cindy. I also mentioned her on my Facebook page. Well, she gave us a good lashing. My poor front yard is a lake right now. And we are […]

Thinking “Both” not “Either/Or”

choose to have both

Anyone who has been on this journey for any length of time knows that how you think is crucial to your experience.  However, recently, I realized that it was more than thinking positive or managing my self-talk. It was also about how I approached things in my life. Life is not a zero sum game. […]

One Guarantee of Success

never stop learning and growing

“Results not typical” “Your mileage may vary” “We can’t guarantee results” We get that a lot in the business world. In fact, you get phrases like these a lot in life. What if I told you that I could absolutely guarantee that you will succeed? Because I can. How can I make such a bold […]

How to End Up with 6-Figure Debt

I wasn’t always in debt, but now I have been for so long, it feels like forever. ​Growing up, I never wanted for anything. My parents were loving and generous. Unfortunately, that generosity set me up for a lot of financial trouble as I got older. How?​Simply put, I never had to learn how to manage money. […]